Sea Change

Sea Change

Are you looking for a lifestyle change?

Many people are searching for a positive change in life, to reconnect with love ones, downshift to a ‘less hectic’ lifestyle, minimise their footprint and maximise their health and good habits.

Queensland’s Sunshine Coast offers it all;

Treechange or Greenchange

Less than an hour’s drive from all major education, medical and transport facilities is the Coasts best kept secret…

The Sunshine Coast hinterland is a place where you can get back to nature, get your hands dirty, become self-sufficient and escape the rat race, gather your thoughts and build your dream life.

Raise your family the way you’ve always wanted to, give your kids space to run around, climb trees and explore. They’ll be exhausted at the end of the day after all that fresh air. For their education, there’s nothing quite like a small, country school where the friendly community spirit extends beyond the drop off and pick up times.

Learn new skills or develop your talents in everything from art and crafts through to organic farming. Become a valued neighbourhood member and discover a safer, healthier and more vibrant community.

If your dream is a setting of tranquillity, bushland, mountain or coastal views you will find it here. Hinterland properties range from workers cottages, Queenslanders, unique pole homes, contemporary eco housing through to rambling country estates.

Seachange - noun

1. a striking change, as in appearance, often for the better.
2. any major transformation or alteration.
3. a transformation brought about by the sea.


Everyone has heard it, you come back from a holiday by the sea and all and sundry will say “Wow you look fantastic!”

Do you want to be on holidays every day? We understand most people have to work but in your leisure time you won’t have to travel far to enjoy the many ‘by the sea’ activities.

The Sunshine Coast has one of the most comfortable climates in the world, with 60 km of beaches, where you and the family can safely walk the dog, swim, surf, fish, boat, kayak, water-ski and so much more.

Want to make new friends, get fit and learn beach safety? Think about joining one of the many the Surf Lifesaving Clubs and be a part of the largest volunteer community service organisation.

Beachside property ranges from high-rise units with water views, fibro beach shacks awaiting renovation, family homes ‘walk to beach’, through to canal and beach front mansions. There is something to suit every taste and budget.

The Sunshine Coast is a great location with first class education, sports and health facilities where you can enjoy an idyllic lifestyle in a relaxed, friendly community by the sea.

At Property Business we understand that this is life changing event. When making a Tree change or a Sea change it is always best to be informed before making your decision. Planning AHEAD can help you create a vision, research your options and make it happen.

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