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Fly In Fly Out

The Sunshine Coast is fast becoming the number 1 location of choice for Fly In Fly Out workers and their families, not only in Queensland, but Australia wide.

For numerous sound reasons - it offers a relaxed, safe and healthy lifestyle.

Easy Access

In line with the growth of the mining sector, the regional airport has expanded new routes, especially concentrating on North Queensland mining and possible Trans-Tasman opportunities. The Brisbane airport, 1 hour drive from the coast, caters for domestic and international flights with convenient coastal shuttle services on the hour.

Family Needs

Looking for affordable housing with friendly neighbours? Whether you are searching for lifestyle acreage, a beachside home or a holiday unit, the Sunshine Coast has so much to offer, to suit every taste and budget.

With an easy driving distance of 1 hour between Noosa, Caloundra and the Maleny hinterland, everything is close by; shops, hospitals, medical facilities and entertainment.

Your children can excel with the best in quality schooling, special interest training, university facilities and sporting resources. (With community support and the investment in infrastructure, many local sporting clubs have developed to national and international competition standard.)

With a distinctly low crime rate, the streets are safe for your children.

Imagine the lifestyle your family will lead on the Sunshine Coast

There are countless sporting and leisure activities available for the family. With the relaxed, outdoor style living on the Sunshine Coast favouring swimming pools, BBQs and socialising with friends.

With 60 kms of beaches you can enjoy incredible fishing, surfing and scuba diving. Work on your handicap at no less than 21 golf facilities including driving ranges and pars 3, through to PGA standard courses. From relaxing mountain bike rides and bush walking trails through to the adrenaline rush of mountain climbing or abseiling, there is something for every age group and taste.

At Property Business we understand that when you’re getting ready to move, you know the basic area you want to check out, but aren’t sure exactly what you’re looking for. The best way is to start a list of things that are important to you.

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