Sunshine Coast Facts & Figures 2017

Feb 14, 2017 Ann Lindner Comments ((Disabled))

Current Population 341,054

Predicted Population 2036 536,000

No of working people 160,500

Average house price $515,000

Gross regional Product $16 billion

Five year change +17%

Visitors international and domestic

3,522,000 in 12 months to Sept 2016 (up 12.9%)

Biggest Current Industries

Construction $1.4 billion

Health care and social assistance $1.3 billion

Financial & insurance services $1.1 billion

Key Industries for Jobs Growth

Rental, hiring and real estate

Arts and recreation


Health care and social assistance

Accommodation & food

Education & Training

Personal services

Source: The Courier Mail


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May 15, 2014 Ann Lindner Comments ((Disabled))

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