Building Approvals

Nov 13, 2018 Ann Lindner Comments ((Disabled))

ABS figures show 479 houses and units were approved on the Sunshine Coast and Noosa council regions in August 2018, a total of $129 million.

Breaking this figure down; throughout the year 572 houses have been approved in the Sunshine Coast and Noosa area, down from 681 approvals in the same period 2017.
However unit approvals have boomed - with 367 approvals on the Sunshine Coast and 100 in Noosa, where over the same period 2017 there were 254 units approved on the Sunshine Coast and only 2 in Noosa.


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Sunshine Coast Building Approvals

Aug 21, 2017 Ann Lindner Comments ((Disabled))

Sunshine Coast building approvals are at their highest level in eight years, with Sunshine Coast Council issuing $1.72 billion in approvals during last financial year.

The building approvals issued last year were 32% higher compared to the previous year making it the third consecutive year where approvals with a value in excess of $1 billion have been recorded.


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Winning Numbers for the Sunshine Coast Economy

Jan 21, 2015 Ann Lindner Comments (0)


1% Vacancy Rate on the Sunshine Coast

This is the lowest residential rental vacancy rate of any major centre in the state.

49% Increase

This is the increase in the number of single detached housing approvals on the Sunshine coast in the 12 months to October 2014

3134 Building Approvals
In the 12 months up to and including September 2014 this number of approvals equates to a 63.2% increase for the Sunshine Coast.

90 Days

The average days a property is on the market, down from 110 days in September 2013.


This is the median house price in the Sunshine Coast local government area, up 1.2% from the previous three months to Sept 2014.  Noosa local government area median house price is $522,500.

31st January 2015

Campbell Newman has just announced this date for the next State Election.  Good news for Real Estate and Business as this means there will be only the limited 3 weeks disruption to the confidence of consumers spending money on houses or consumables or entering contracts.

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6.764 Billion Dollars worth of Investments

Oct 14, 2014 Ann Lindner Comments (0)

A recent analysis of the Sunshine Coast property market identified $6.764 billion worth of projects are under construction, proposed or recently completed between Caloundra to Noosa.  This covers commercial, residential, industrial, resort-hotel, mixed use, retirement and infrastructure sectors.  ..

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Council Spending

Sep 17, 2014 Ann Lindner Comments (0)

The Sunshine Coast Council has spent $169 million locally in the last financial year.  This figure represents 69.5% of council total active purchasing going to local businesses.  With $43 million spent locally in the last quarter alone. ..

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